Why the emphasis on SATURDAY to SATURDAY visits?

WHY the emphasis on SATURDAY to SATURDAY visits?*

Many people who are teased by our 40% Saturday to Saturday discount are frustrated by the apparent ‘severe’ price increase for adding an eighth day to their visit.  


Our Saturday to Saturday discount is offered for very specific reasons:  A visit that has a Thursday or Friday check-in means the home will likely remain empty the entire previous week.  Likewise, a visit that has a Sunday or Monday check-out means that the home will likely remain empty the rest of the following week.  Both these situations result in 8 or 9 days of usage in 14 calendar days, which we offer to our guests, but using their ‘standard’ discount.


On the other hand, if guests will consider a Saturday check-in and check-out, it is very likely that the previous week will rent to another family for the entire week and the week following will rent to another family for the entire week.  If guests help us offer special memories to more families, we would like to share in the rewards of that schedule by offering an increased discount.


But more important than any financial impact, we really want to have everyone:  our guests, our cleaners, and our own family to have Sunday as a day of rest, spent with their families, without the task of traveling, cleaning, or home maintenance.  Besides, we have actually had past guests remark on how much more relaxed their vacation was because they did not try to stretch their vacation ‘a day too far’.


The only problem with an Orlando vacation is that most people try to do too much & go home exhausted.  Our goal is to provide quality family time that includes some theme park fun, not the other way around.


After more than six years of providing extraordinary personal service to our guests, we have determined that the most satisfying vacations result when people are able to avoid the harried schedule & maintain a balance.  Virtually without exception, we've found an unrushed travel day and a day at home to get organized before hitting the 'real world' add up to the most satisfying vacations for our guests.