FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is RTM a management company?  No.  We are a local Orlando family with three children who own four vacation homes in Windsor Hills & Windsor Palms resorts (living as permanent residents in one & renting out the other three).  We were so frustrated with the lack of quality service from local property management companies that we decided to manage our own homes.  Click HERE to learn more about RTM.
  • I can’t find the price of your 6 BR vs. your 4 BR.  How does the price differ?  It doesn’t.  Our prices depend on the number of people in your party and the length of your visit, NOT the size of the home.  Click HERE to determine your total delivered price.
  • Are there a lot of hidden fees and additional charges?  Even though most management companies start with the lowest price possible and then add on fees and charges, we don’t work that way.  Our prices are total delivered prices including all taxes, fees, cleaning, pool/hot tub heat, gas BBQ, baby gear, etc.  Click HERE
  • Why the emphasis on Saturday to Saturday visits?  At RTM, we strongly encourage Saturday to Saturday visits for a variety of reasons.  Click HERE to learn why.
  • How close are you to Disney?  Windsor resorts have the closest pool homes to WDW, less than 3 miles from Disney property.  Click HERE to view an area map!
  • Do you have games rooms in the garage?  Despite how common they are, a game room in the garage is ‘officially’ illegal in Osceola County, but we are exploring our options.  Click HERE to learn more.
  • Is there a shuttle bus to the theme parks?  Yes, a third party shuttle service serves the Windsor resorts, but we DON’T really recommend that option.  Click HERE to learn details & get our transportation recommendations.
  • Do we need to bring sheets?  Do you have internet access?  What's included with your homes?  We do our best to provide everything you need without additional costs.  In order to avoid overpacking Click HERE to review a complete list at the bottom of the page.
  • Is the 'Romance' stuff mandatory?  Of course not.  Romancing the Mouse is for anyone who appreciate uncommon luxury while on vacation.  We just like to point out the possibilities to parents of young children who rarely get the time, space, privacy and opportunity to re-live their courtship. 
  • What's with the personal chef? Click HERE
  • We have an infant, do you have a high chair, crib, etc.?  Yes, we are baby-friendly.  Click HERE to learn more
  • How can you offer king beds or two twins?  Do we need to cope with uncomfortable beds with a gap in the middle?  We have had many couples ask us what kind of bedding we use because they were so comfortable they wanted to buy the same bedding.  Click HERE to learn more.
  • Do we really need pool heat in Florida?  Absolutely YES.  Click HERE to learn why most property management companies are banking on it.  NOTE:  With RTM you get complimentary pool/hot tub heat.
  • I’m worried about my toddlers and a swimming pool.  How can I be sure they are safe?  Florida code mandates several safety measures.  Click HERE to learn what is offered.
  • Do you have pool toys in the pool?  Even though pool toys ARE allowed, our insurer recommends that we NOT provide them due to liability concerns.  Every grocery store in the area sells a wide variety of pool toys for very reasonable cost.
  • Why do so many people mention the direction the pool faces?  Even though Florida is usually always warm, the amount of sun you will get depends on the exposure of the pool.  Click HERE to see our recommendations (Hint:  More is NOT always better).
  • Do you require a deposit or payment in advance?  What is your cancellation policy?  Romancing the Mouse has one of the most reasonable payment policies we’ve seen.  Details can be found on our rental agreement.  Click HERE to review an advance copy.
  • I hear about Windsor Hills & Windsor Palms.  Are they the same resort?  No.  They are two separate resorts built by the same builder, about a half mile apart.  Click HERE for a side-by-side comparison.
  • Do you sell Disney tickets?  No, we don’t, but we have a lot of recommendations regarding tickets and places to buy them.  Click HERE to learn about tickets & Disney strategies.
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