Our Twin/King Convertible Beds

- Are Grandma & Grandpa sleeping in bunk beds? 

- Are  brother & sister a little too old to be sleeping in the same bed? 

Hotels, timeshares & even most vacation homes frequently force awkward sleeping arrangements.


PROBLEM SOLVED!!!  Romancing the Mouse has eliminated the awkard sleeping arrangements.  All of our bedrooms except our main master suites have beds that we have designed that we call our Twin/King convertibles.  They consist of two twin beds that can be connected together and covered with a king-size 2-inch viscoelastic, or 'memory foam' pad & the center seam disappears!!! 


But the bed is now even better than before:  this is the same material that the Tempur-Pedic company sells on TV touting their "magic Swedish sleep system using NASA technology" or 'memory foam' with the picture of a hand print remaining in the foam after the hand has been removed.  The foam conforms to your body for a great night's sleep.  With our design, we cover the foam pad with a fitted king mattress pad and then standard king-size fitted sheets so there is no separation. 


The result is the optimum in bedding flexibility without compromising the comfort of our guests.  In our homes we have continued to perfect the design, but even our earliest design, which is in the second master suite of our first house & infrequently separated, gets frequent inquires about what kind of bedding we use because it is "the most comfortable bed that they have ever slept in."  When we tell them that it is two twin beds connected, they can scarcely believe us. 


You can read about memory foam at www.tempurpedic.com.