Our Availability Calendar

Please NOTE:  Romancing the Mouse is riding into the sunset:  selling our homes & moving to the next season of our lives.  Click HERE to see more details. 
This calendar displays our remaining LIMITED AVAILABILITY.  We will NEVER commit to any reservation that we are not absolutely sure we can follow thru.
Can't understand our calendar?  READ THIS or Click HERE for help
1) This calendar looks different because it shows side-by-side AVAILABILITY of all of our 3 homes. 
2) Go to your desired dates on the top row. Use the slider bar (bottom) to scroll right for future dates.
3) We accept (and display) reservations for one rolling calendar year in advance.
4) Each home is shown in its own color coded row         Booked days are colored with guests' names.
5) White and yellow days are available, yellow days are eligible for our 50% Last Minute discount. 
6) "CkIN" refers to a guest 'check-in' in the afternoon (PM) & "CkOUT" a 'check-out' in the morning (AM)
7)  Any check-in/out day is possible, but read why we strongly encourage Saturday to Saturday visits