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Extra Fees - Ask about extra fees
Many owners and management companies frequently quote a price without including the extra fees to give you the lowest figure they can.  The most common extra fees include: 

  • Florida tax (13%)
  • Booking fees
  • Gas BBQ (~$45/week)
  • Baby equipment (~$45/week)
  • High-speed internet
  • Pool heat (~$175/week). 

The extras add up quickly so make sure you understand what’s included and what the all-inclusive price is.  We have found the most notorious of these fees is Pool Heat.  Please read about pool heat in our advice regarding pools.

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Romancing the Mouse reply:  our prices are always all-inclusive and posted on our website pricing page.  All of our rentals include:

  • Florida tax (13%) - Always included in quote
  • Booking fees - No Charge
  • Gas BBQ - No Charge
  • Baby equipment - No Charge
  • High-speed internet - No Charge
  • Pool heat - No Charge
  • Fresh Flowers - No Charge
  • Muffins & Orange Juice - No Charge
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries (or similar) - No Charge