Quick Tip #2


FOUR questions to ask a  home’s management company (MC). 
1) Ask the total number of homes the company manages (hint:  more is NOT better)
2) Ask the distance from the MC office to your vacation home & how many homes they manage in the same community (too few, too far away may make you a lower priority)
3) Ask how many field personnel they have responding to customer complaints.
4) Ask the hours of coverage of the field personnel & hours their phone is manned vs. going to a recorder.  

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Romancing the Mouse  reply:  Check out our stats:

1)  We manage only three homes

2)  Our 'office' is our family home, the only ON-SITE owners who manage their own three luxury pool homes.

3)  Five people responding to three homes.  Try to find those odds elsewhere.

4)  You have our cell phone number that rings thru to us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.