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“I worked directly with the homeowner so there was no Management Company.”  WRONG!  They cleaned your home.  They decide the temperature of your pool water.  They (hopefully) respond when the sink is stopped up or if there are ants in the kitchen: 


Since vacation home homeowners RARELY live in Orlando, every vacation home has a MANAGEMENT COMPANY that acts as a local proxy that handles the day-to-day operations.  It is that company that sets the standards that will affect the quality of your vacation.


One management company charges $25 per day for pool heat, the other $30 per day.  Which do you want to use?  If the first company charges $25/day, but sets the water temperature at 72 degrees, and the second company charges $30/day and sets the water temperature at 85 degrees, then who do you want to rent from?




One management company has three full time maintenance personnel, but has 100 homes that they manage, another company has only two full-time maintenance personnel, but manages only 12 homes, which to you want to rent from?


One management company has a 24-hour emergency number, but it goes to a voice recorder after 5 PM and on weekends.  Another management company takes calls 6 AM to midnight, but it goes to a real person who will respond in person if required, which do you want to rent from?


Discover the home’s Management Company and learn more about them.

How can you possibly know about a home's management company?  Ask the owner for a name and ask the questions that we recommend in the next few hints...


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Romancing the Mouse reply:  Living locally, we get a very close up view of the operations of the 700+ management companies (MCs) serving the WDW area.  With four vacation homes, we originally engaged the services of several of the 'best' of these MCs, looking for a company that treated our guests the way we would treat them.  After a long frustrating search, we eventually decided to manage our homes for ourselves.  We hired our own dedicated cleaners who clean the same homes every time and Holly & I take an active role in every cleaning / turnover.


The best way to ensure quality management?  Rent a home that is owner-managed, but above all, please don’t let one bad house, or one unresponsive management company sour you on vacation home rentals and cause you to miss out on the truly relaxing vacations that are part of a quality vacation home experience.