ADVICE for RENTERS - Overview

You’ve heard about the incredible benefits of renting a vacation home, but you don’t even know where to start:  What is pool heat and do I need it?  What’s included & what’s not? 

Vacation Homes in the Orlando area have become a booming business with nuances that can quickly confuse even the experienced vacationer.  You will likely arrange your reservation either directly with the home’s owner or their Orlando area Management Company (MC) that acts as the homeowner’s local proxy.  As a vacation home guest, YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND that even if you make arrangements with the homeowner, they turn over the execution of your visit to their MC.  If you want to make an informed decision,
click on the bullets below to learn the important things to know and the questions you need to ask before you rent to minimize the chances of a disappointing Orlando vacation home experience.  At a minimum, review the “Quick Tips” listed below: